We deliver certified translations with competitive pricing, adding value to the high quality service provided for translations of…….


– Personal documents, websites, labels, packaging, brochures; manuals, legal documents, medical reports;


– Full or selective translation, to suit your requirements;


– Negotiable delivery time to accommodate time sensitive projects.


NZ$45 per driver licence   with delivery in 2 workings days after payment.


In a hurry? Express Service available from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 4 pm.


Only NZ$60 per driver licence – this service is not available on the weekend.

Our Express Service automatically applies to Driver Licences in languages originally from countries in Europe and Latin-America. Click here for our 3 easy steps process to request a translation of your driver licence.


For other languages please contact us for a tailored quote and time frame, we may still be able to provide a same-day service.

STANDARD DOCUMENTS: Selective Translation Into English

  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • School Certificate* (Portuguese, Spanish, French only)
  • Professional Record Booklet (per record)
  • Death Certificate

NZ$45* EACH From German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian only.

For any other language and 6 documents or more, please contact us for a quote.

* Price may vary according to the word count of the document.


  • Normal rate varies between NZ$31.00 and NZ$ 34.00 + GST per 100 words*
  • Minimum charge NZ$ 50.00 + GST
  • Urgent rate (less than 2 days) NZ$ 45.00 + GST per 100 words
  • Minimum charge NZ$ 60.00 + GST
  • Same-day Rate (within 24 hours) NZ$ 50.00 + GST per 100 words
  • Minimum charge NZ$70.00 + GST

Please feel free to discuss with us your special requirements. We have special rates and terms of payment for frequent clients.

*From source language. Most companies charge using the English word count, so when you want to translate a document into English you need to translate the document first to know the price. With our company, there is no surprise and you know the price before we start the translation.

All costs are for delivery in three working days after confirmation of payment, unless otherwise stated. Our policy is to provide the best service in a minimum time. This turnaround time depends on the document. We always give the turnaround time with our quote.

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