Medical Translation

Medical and Insurance Claim Document Translation

Medical translation is a highly specialised discipline and should be only be undertaken by suitably qualified translators. Language Links – Translation and Interpreting has many years of experience in the translation of medical documents. That’s why, when we undertake a project, we only use medical translators who have the relevant qualifications and experience in the corresponding field.

Over the years, we have developed custom processes for handling medical and insurance claim documents. Our extensive industry experience has allowed us to develop a fast and cost-effective process for the translation of these time-sensitive documents. This includes the optimisation of pre-translated content and the use of templates to minimise turnaround times and costs.

All our medical translations are assigned to a translator whose training and experience mirrors the needs of the client. Once completed, the translation is edited and carefully checked for accuracy and consistency. Finally, a native proofreader will review the translation in detail with the source document to guarantee that it is a true and accurate rendering of the original.

At Language Links – Translation and Interpreting, we understand how important it is to maintain strict confidentiality in medical translations and are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreement required by the client.

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